#15: There Are Reasons For Hope

Fascinate: Some Things I Learned When I Died
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#15: There Are Reasons For Hope
In going through a death one’s hope tank is emptied. Afterwards there is reason for hope again. God is faithful to touch us afresh. He sparks us with a new reality including the following truths:

God is present still.

God will go before me. I don’t walk forward without his presence. He has walked out this path already. I only need to step into his footprints.

God will pour out his presence upon me as I walk in the Spirit.

The story is not over yet. It’s one thing to be down, but you aren’t out. Great things are afoot. We can lose heart in the short haul, but greater things are on the way. That is always true in your life. The best is yet to come for you. Death is past. Good things lie ahead.


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