#16: Look for More

#16: Look for More
There is something that is very real that commences once we breathe our last breath in this life. Been there, done that.

Jesus’ people have been looking for, and experiencing, more than the here and now, for thousands of years. Since the days of the Early Church, God’s people have been experiencing end-of-life encounters with God and angels. Many of these have been well documented. These various encounters show remarkable similarities.

Early in the history of the Church, one interesting leader came along who was a keen observer of what God was doing with his people in the early part of the Church. This man was a Church Father named John Evans. His accounts of the end-of-life experiences of Saints come across like modern day encounters with heavenly realities. They are rich with visions of people seeing Jesus and angels coming to welcome them into God’s presence as they see heaven up close.

Whether ancient or contemporary, such stories are subjective. They need to be taken with something of a grain of salt. God’s Word is the ultimate objective authority. At the same time, there is something encouraging about stories of Saints who consistently see similar things in the life beyond this one. Hope is imparted. Yes, there is something more.

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