#17.5 Smile, a LOT!

Some of those you seek to serve will be fearful of your offer of kindness. After all, they have never had someone offer to give them a bottle of water to show God’s love before. They have no grid for any of this. Head off the intimidation factor with a big, toothy grin.
Don’t just smile, practice smiling. Your smile is powerfully disarming. Perhaps your smile is your greatest defensive tool when it comes to exporting God’s love to your community.
As you put a smile on your face you will improve your ability to serve with zest. Tasks that otherwise seem impossible will become doable with a big grin. Fix a smile on your face as frequently as you can. You are destined for success as you engage in a positive posture—one that agrees with the attitude of God. A smile combined with obedience is profoundly powerful. Walk in that.

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