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Janie Home From the Hospital, On the Mend

Janie has been home from the hospital for over a week now and is healing nicely, thank you very much. We want to thank the many who have expressed concern and who have prayed. Keep praying! It can’t hurt!

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Update on Janie…

Some of you may have come here to find out how Janie is doing? There were some complications from her recent surgery and she has been in the hospital for a number of days, although we are expecting she can go home tomorrow. The doctors have given us good prognoses, now it is just a…

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A Personal Family Update

Janie has gone through some very challenging physical issues lately. Initially, we were told this was nothing to be concerned about. As the situation progressed the doctor’s advice didn’t add up. What started out as a potential need for a hysterectomy and “a tumor that we didn’t need to concern ourselves about” seemed to require…

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