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Speak With Passion

For those reading this blog who will speak / communicate this weekend, no matter how you do what you do, no matter what you focus upon, please speak from your heart – not your head alone.

People who are present with the anticipation of walking away with a life change will not be “nourished” by information.  Those who are looking for mental nourishment scare me.  Hope they scare you as well.  I don’t understand those people.  The scriptures have a fair bit to say about such people – not much of it is encouraging in the least. 

Heart to Heart connections bring about amazing changes in other’s lives.  It really is very simple.  So simple, it confounds those who are wise in the eyes of this world.

Wi-Fi TV just around the corner…

Unless you are really up on the latest developments in the tech world you have probably never heard of…but you soon will. Guaranteed. Picture TV meets the internet and you have Joost. The two Swedish guys who put together (if you aren’t using Skype’s services, you are missing out on amazing telephony software that is for the most part free – just need a headset – I use it most of the time instead of a phone and call around the world – mostly for free). There is a lot more that is about to emerge with the launch of Joost. Joost is in its beta stage now – if you can find a current user to invite you onto it, you can begin to watch TV from your laptop – cable quality TV – several hundred stations at this point. Think forward three to five years. The cable TV situation will likely be quite different than it exists now. There are lots of implications for those who are in the communication game versus the preaching game or who are stuck in a single dimension way of communication. One more thought on the coming of wifi TV that is around the corner. The Swedes who are launching Joost are promising that in less than a year there will be 5,000 channels online. That is an amazing fete to consider. That is a worldwide number. These guys have a great track record that indicates this number is real and the timeline they speak of will likely take place. With this coming into reality all that we think of as “Christian / Religious TV” today will be greatly changed in the next few years. Suddenly it will become affordable for those with a message but without a lot of funding to get into the TV game. Then the truth that has always been true about communication will become true – “it’s content that matters, not fluff.” This future is exciting. There are many not-yet believers who are truly interested in the Jesus story and who will likely check out the content present in what is to come – with less fluff, fewer neon colorer wigs, shorter eye lashes and no white cowboy boots.

Living in the land of risk

Had an amazing lunch with an old friend this week. He is not so much a tech wizard – like many who accomplish much in this arena, he is more like a building contractor. Contractors may not know how to do framing, dry walling, plumbing, but they are networked with those who know how to get the job done. In the same way, those who accomplish breakthrough tech accomplishments are more than anything highly networked people who have a very thick Rolodex, if you will, that is ever increasing (BTW, figured out the max size Mac’s Address Book goes to before it fritzes out – 3,000! – am now switching to a subscription service that allows me to use my mobile phone, iCal, Address Book – the whole nine yards without a hiccup. (If you want that info email me…))

This friend is mentioned specifically and quoted in the landmark book, The World Is Flat (a worthwhile – make that necessary read, btw – will not mention his name – interesting that two friends of mine ended up in the telling of the story of the dawning of the digital age this book captures – no name dropping allowed here!). Plan to have him speak at Coastland a few months after our launch when we do a series on risk. He will not actually speak live, but as we often do, he will give two or three 90 second clips we will have shot earlier in the week about the learnings he has picked up on along the way – much of which has to do with becoming comfortable living in the land of risk.

Doing Kindness incorrectly?

I have been involved in a lengthy email dialog with a group who have been miffed over some folks who were doing kindness outreaches incorrectly. Kindness incorrectly! What the heck? The whole thing escalated to the point that a story was written about it in the local paper. Won’t say where it happened but it was in one of my favorite writer’s hometown – Ernest Hemmingway. He spoke of his town as having “Broad lawns and narrow minds…” But then again, since when has a prophet been recognized in his / her own hometown.

Outstanding earphones…

Outstanding EarphonesYou can read my full article on the outstanding Er6i earphones here.

Things to do before you die

Have been noticing the many books and sites popping up lately, “1000 Things to Do Before You Die” or “X Number of Places To Visit Before You Die.”

These titles speak of several things.

  • 1. Boomers especially (the likely ones buying / reading such things) have finally figured out they really are gong to die…hey, better to figure this out late than never.
  • 2. What sense does it make to visit / do various things or go on travel adventures when one still hasn’t gotten one’s act together with basic people skills / social skills? I know so many, many “leaders” in the Church world who lack basic skills in these areas – they are authentically suffering each day because they have not invested in the homework needed to live a great life. If this is the state of the leaders in the Church, my guess is such issues exist in the rest of the Church as well. Call me odd, but I understood that the term leader implied that one was at least one step ahead of the pack / parade of followers he / she is “leading”…

Question: What is the use of taking an adventure, making an investment in an area like this when we still haven’t learned to deal with basic forgiveness, we still haven’t learned to think the best, hope the best about others consistently, we still gloat over the misfortune of leaders when they fall, and we don’t know how to really notice what God is doing around us / value his activity around us for whatever reason.

Don’t know about you, but those basics will be my focus for the time being.

Tour the world in Hi-Def

Do you have either a blu-ray or HD-dvd player (we don’t but the PS3 and Xbox play these special DVDs, each respectively – the Xbox requires a less than $100 additional add on player to go with your Xbox 360 – both are great deals since normally the new players cost roughly the cost of the gaming system). If so, I highly recommend picking up the BBC series Planet Earth. One reviewer wrote, “The amazing shots and clarity of this series is the precise reason the HD system was invented.” I couldn’t agree more!

After searching a bit I found the least expensive version of this set sold on Amazon – $66 for the entire set comes out to about 12+ hours of around the world touring.