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Janie’s Surgery

Janie has just had surgery done on her hand to repair an injury that has developed over some time.  She is able to endure more pain than me. I am of the opinion that doctors are worth going to when pain becomes unbearable – (AFTER they are checked out and they are not incapacitated during a procedure.)

This is her fourth procedure in less than a year.  Prior to that, Janie has never had a surgery – ever. Think there might be a connection between these and the risk we are taking with this church launch?  Hmm.

We Get Honest – God Shows Up!

When We Fake It We Look Goofy – Even Freakish

My grandma from Paris, Texas was full of colorful expressions.  She didn’t so much speak English – she communicated in one metaphor after another.  One of my favorites was:

“He was a lot like a cat standing on its hind legs – not natural in the least, but quite entertaining while it lasted…”

Nana instilled in me a respect for authenticity and skepticism for the fake. 

There is a bit of fake in you, me, all of us (fake = aspiring to define ourselves by something / someone we are not). (Thus far, all the people I have met on the planet are of those offspring – if you meet someone beyond that please call me at once – I’ll figure out a way to get there immediately … I really need to interview them.) 

To be a ‘cat standing on its hind legs’ is a site to imagine. 

Mainly she told me this ditty was in reference to people trying to behave properly when they were not wired that way deep down.  That is, one way inside, but trying to behave the opposite on the outside.  Life just doesn’t swing that way – at least not for long, for any of us. 

The prayer of former walking cats:

"Here I am God. Love through me – the real me. Ignite me – the real me. Invite many through me – the real me. Thank you for your invitation to me that I am – as I am!"

Let the filters fall.

Let all in me be ignited by the flame of God.

I agree with you God – You can move through me and that provides life.

Notice what is going on through me … I cease hesitating, I engage with you – let the world change. 

Yes Gerald, it really is that untangled … thank you for asking!