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Confessions of a Budding Realist…

Short People Got No… Need For Toilet Plungers … of strengths, limits, liabilities While in Denver recently doing some city-wide training with leaders, I stayed with some friends. They have renovated a house that is beautiful, ornate… and has old plumbing. This couple have children that are adults, are out of the house. Both of…

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Ecclesial Sabotagology – Part 1

– the fine art of church suicide “My word… I now know for certain. My church has lost its collective mind…” – Bob, the cowboy commentator and church consultant My friend Bob looked up from reading the blog on his laptop. He pulled off his reading glasses with some drama as he does when miffed…

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Steve Sjogren Radio Interview

Check out this recent radio interview with Steve Sjogren and Colin Lambert on the Moody Broadcasting Network! Steve and Colin discuss Outflow and learning to notice your way into other people’s lives. [audio:SRSradiointerview.mp3]

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