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No matter what you are up to you can do this…

Relatively few of us are gifted in the area of evangelism. In fact, many of us have a rather dismal track record when it comes to sharing our faith. Yet, in spite of our evangelistic shortcomings, we want to share Jesus with others. Is there a way we can be involved in sharing the gospel without preaching like the apostle Paul?

You may not be a gifted evangelist, but you do have a gift of servanthood. You can use this gift reach out to your community with the love of God. For years we’ve successfully used a simple approach called “servant evangelism” that allows any believer — regardless of gifting — to be involved in sharing God’s love with others. One of the great things about this approach is that you don’t have to do it alone. When people see the love of God in action, they want to know more about him. You can share your faith successfully.