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Adding Services

As we continue with serving it becomes fairly normal that we will expand to multiple services. By serving we are folding into the community in creative ways with the life of God. That life has a way of making room for itself much like the verse in Proverbs, “your gifts will make room for you.”…

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God Is Up To Changes All Over

Ever get to a fork in the road? Yogi Berra exhorts us to take it in times like that. We can hopefully all relate to the notion of coming to a fork in the road in the best sense of the possibilities that God is opening up for us. I know more people who are…

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You Can’t Beat This Price

My team and I have been working in high creativity mode of late. We have been on task with a big goal: how can we help more people get in touch with important coaching they need… but sometimes feel they can’t afford. Then it hit us – we will practically just GIVE COACHING OPPORTUNITIES AWAY!…

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