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Doing Outreach or Reaching Out?

When we do outreach by serving – servant evangelism (kindness outreach) – to give away bottles of water at a stop light or clean toilets – to simply go through the motions of serving.

We can do these things actions with all good intentions in an effort to connect with lots of people as quickly as possible…as if the name of the game is sheer volume. God does care about the masses, but that care has to be done with the right heart.

Here’s what I’ve discovered:

It’s one thing to do outreach – it’s a different thing to reach out.

It’s possible to do outreach without the love of God in our hearts – to go through the external motions of what looks like love yet to miss the point of connecting with people’s hearts.

It’s not possible to reach out unless God’s love is at the center of hearts. When we reach out we extend our hearts to others who are in need. We show vulnerability to others who are in need of being touched by God who dwells in us.

Bottom line: Let’s do both – let’s touch lots of people…at the same time it’s essential that we connect with them profoundly at a heart level.