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Lonnie Frisbee Autobiography Coming

Few people have had more impact on the 20th church scene in the west than a little known guy named Lonnie Frisbee. Like a lot of change makers, he was controversial, and sadly, he died pretty much penniless, and with few steadfast friends, yet God chose to use this guy in amazing ways.

I was excited to hear that an autobiography of Lonnie was in the works – one based on his journals and an extensive library of taped interviews. When I was contacted by the editors of this book to see if I would be willing to write the forward to this, I instantly said yes. I knew Lonnie – a lot of people knew him, but I guess not many of them are writers.

The book is jam packed with Lonnie’s Holy Spirit stories connected with the stirring up and the release of the power of God he was known for. He also gives a birds eye account into the power ministry that went on in the launching of two well-known denominational movements. A lot of Lonnie stories have circulated for years. Perhaps you have heard a few yourself. I encourage you to either pick up a copy of this or get the kindle version when it comes out on July 4th. I will tantalize you by sharing outtakes of the book in coming weeks.

What Will You Be Known For?

A friend of mine wrote a couple of popular books but those came out a ten or so years ago. He was with a pastor who happened to be on the phone telling someone he was with this author. The guy on the other line said he thought this author had died since he hadn’t come out with any new books lately! This author is actually not that old, but when we aren’t in the public view consistently people can come to some dark conclusions.

That incident got me thinking about our life messages.

Our lives come down to messages – sometimes expressed and sometimes tragically not spoken by the time we finish life. You are a unique expression of the life of God and he wants to life his unique life through you – through your life message.

Perhaps you already understand your life message – then further hone it. A life of clarity is a life of effectiveness.

Lean into it. Don’t wobble. Don’t give in to being diffused. Be a laser. LIfe is always going to try to pull you away from your uncompromising focus.

Walk out your message as you call upon the power of the Spirit. “You can do all things…”

One of these days my author friend really will die – his books really will come to an end. Your life will be said and done before long as well. I don’t wish that upon you, mind you, but let’s face reality. We only have so much time to devote to our life’s message. Now is the time to go for it.

New Steve Sjogren book coming


After spending a few months working on my last book project I’m excited it is done and moving quickly toward publication.

After doing this a few times I’ve figured out that writing a book is doable once you have the basic plan nailed down, but getting to that point can be a challenge.

The sub-title is “Ten things I learned about God when I died.” There were lots of lessons I picked up on when I went through my NDE. I could have shared twenty lessons, but we capped it off at an even ten. I share a lot of details about what happened to me in the injury and the trauma I experienced after the injury in the months and years following – all stuff that was never made public until now. There has been a lot of pain I’ve had to deal with and forgiveness I’ve had to deal with and to seek from other others who have had “ought” with me.

I’ll share more about the emotional end of things I went through as i wrote this. Suffice it to say, this stirred up a lot of deeply stored up stuff in me I wasn’t aware was there as I recalled what I went through.

I hope you’ll help me talk this up in the coming months leading up to its release.

A Reflection on Donna Summers

The internet is buzzing today with the news that 70s Disco Queen Donna Summers died today. At the peak of her fame she produced hit after hit that fueled the sounds and culture of the disco scene. Some of that scene wasn’t worth fueling though. As the Holy Spirit began to work on her, she experienced a “radical life change” (Rom. 2:4, Message) in the early 80s. Janie and I were familiar with her new history as she began to rewrite it – part of it was launched out of the West LA Vineyard where we worked at the time. Ms. Summers sensed a calling from God to return to the places of influence where she’d made an impact for sin in the 70s and build a build a bridge of holiness toward Jesus.

I lost track of her progress after a few years but am aware she launched well. God loves a changed heart. Here’s to moldable hearts.

“Precious in the sight of the Lord, is the death of His saints.” Ps. 116:15, NKJV

Now I’m a Veteran Commencement Speaker

I had a blast speaking last Saturday at the graduation ceremony of Spring Arbor University located an hour west of Detroit. The whole thing went very well. I spoke for 14.5 minutes about several things I should have learned in college but had to figure out on my own later (“A lot of the best stuff happens on the second, third or beyond iteration – I’ve purchased the White Album by the Beatles 5 times now – LP twice, cassette, CD and now iTunes.)

Though it went well i had a problem. Janie wasn’t able to be with me (her dad has been sick with severe heart problems so she has been in Southern Calif. for the past week) and since one of her jobs is to sit on the front row and watch my time I was at a loss. I had to innovate. In one hand I had my iPad with my speaking notes and in my other I held my iphone with the countdown app open. A couple of people asked if all of that was a portable TelePrompTer!

New Shoes or Shoe Aficionado?

We live in a rocky, thorn-infested world.

Some wouldn’t know about that because they have worn shoes since the moment they could stand. Since birth we have been well cared for spiritually. They’ve not known life without shoes. Therefore it is difficult to relate to the huge percentage of those who go without adequate foot ware (in the Pacific Northwest U.S. that’s perhaps 91% of the population). Shoe wearers tend to spend all their time hanging around others who are like them.

Many of the well shod have grown to become shoe experts. Their favorite activity in life is to compare and contrast various shoes and shoe stores. They are shoe aficionados! Imelda Marcos, with her 2,700 pair of shoes, seems reasonable – perhaps even a hero even.

Others feel called to reach out to those without shoes – who aren’t aware of how differently life could go with a custom pair of shoes.

Shoes are transformational! There’s nothing wrong with owning multiple pair of foot ware. There’s a lot wrong with a smug attitude with those who feel there is no need for concern with the lost suffering feet of those without proper shoes.

When was the last time you got around the Shoeless? Ask God to give you his heart for them…and he will!

“A man’s Self is the sum total of all that he can call his own.” – Wm. James

Mother’s Day Wisdom

In 30 years of preaching I’ve never given a message focused on Mother’s Day but feel led to do that this year. I’m cobbling together a simple talk looking at the vital importance of living out an honoring relationship with our mothers or mother figures – by developing a three-step strategy. Have a listen after this Sunday at Pastors – it’s not too late to late to do something for moms yourselves!

Update – I’ve seen the light!

I’ve been an intermittent blogger, as many of you know, mainly because I’ve not known where blogging fit in in the scheme of my writing overall. I have a plan for so hopefully you’ll hear from me more frequently!