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How About A Summer Outreach Lab

If you haven’t taken a stab at Kindness Outreach, the summer is the perfect time for doing a “Lab” – that is, to do some experimenting to learn a few lessons about how to build a heart connection with the those in your community. Any season has it’s advantages for connecting with people, but the…

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Heaven’s Lessons

If you haven’t read this yet, go for it. Know someone who is skeptical about the reality of heaven? This might be the book for them.

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Are You Really Outwardly Focused?

Have you noticed that the U.S. Church tends to go through trends every now and then? Books are written, conferences are held, programs come and go and the voices of experts in these areas rise to prominence. When these trends flow, we are naturally excited about the possibility of these manifesting around us, We dream…

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