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A Tribute to Carrie Fisher and Prozac

She knew something was off kilter when she woke up a night to find she was in the middle of a busy street in Mexico City in only a nightgown. She had no recollection of how she got there from Los Angeles.

In therapy, she discovered she was severely bi-polar. Without medication extreme levels of bipolarity can end in tragedy as hers could have. The medication that worked best for her was Prozac. The two of them started a lifelong healing “relationship” that lasted until her end.

Like highly creative people can sometimes be, Carrie was a little quirky. Some called her “High maintenance.” At times her creativity was maybe even more than just a tad quirky. Her request was that her cremated remains be inside a giant green and white plastic capsule identical of her good “friend” Prozac.

What does the life of Carrie Fisher have to say to those of us who are carriers of the “Kindness of God that brings a radical life change.” (Rom. 2:4) Is there room in my church and my life for those who are highly creative but are pegged as simply odd with no understanding of the life-giving deposits they can bring.

Over the past twenty-plus years, I’ve been around the church about as much as anyone I know. I’ve spoken at hundreds of weekend services, etc.

As I see it, we need lots of Carrie’s to show up, to challenge us to think and live differently than we’ve grown used to, as ineffective as the status quo may be.

I want the Carrie Fisher’s of the world today to come into my church and feel 100% loved, encouraged and accepted with no questions asked. God will deal with all the details with his power they need for life change to happen. Our assignment is to love regardless.

“Our calling is to accept everyone, even if we don’t necessarily approve of the way they live.”

People are looking for change like never before in history. They don’t want to turn over a new leaf. They are hungry for an entirely new tree! Radical life change is what everyone is looking for, even if they can’t express their need in those words. Let’s keep in mind that all change comes down to this: Only God can change any human life.

“God, we invite you to send us the scads of “Carrie’s” you want in your family. Here are our heart and our hands. Use them oh God, to bring your life change to the ends of the world you’ve given us.”