Be Strong…

“Be strong and of good courage…”
Joshua chapter 1 is a chapter for leaders to read, soak upon, repeat steps one and two frequently.
To be an original is impossible without the kinetic power of God resting upon each of us.
On this day of the Lord, call upon him as the leader he has made you to be.
“Oh God, I am what I am.  I can’t be anything else.  You mold me.  I humble myself under your care.  Let the adventure continue this week more and more.  You direct the hose as it flow.  Be it a fire hose or a garden hose.  I am yours.”

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  1. Kent on October 14, 2007 at 6:57 pm

    thanks steve

    needed that today…seems that the ones i’ve gathered are often flaky. i’m trying to find the balance between tact and force and the Holy Spirit.
    I was in a “buy and farm and shoot people that come on my property” mood today.

    thanks again

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