Being “Nice” Is Not Enough

The Starbucks “Pay It Backwards” story is an echo of what has taken place with SE stuff for fifteen twenty years. It is encouraging and scary at the same time. It is essential that we explain WHY we are doing what we do to show God’s love. To be nice to people for niceness sake does essentially nothing for people other than raise their spirits for a moment for so. It is vital that an act of mercy be tied to the presence of God in some way.

A connect card is a decent habit to get involved with. Check out for a variety of cards to choose from. Leave these in your wake at least to show others why you have done what you have. Otherwise you leave it to the recipient to draw a conclusion on their own regarding the act of charity.

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  1. Wayne Cordova on November 26, 2008 at 7:54 am

    Connect Cards are a simple way to let people know why you do what you do, but the impact of that card lasts for eternity. We’ve heard from people who received a bottle of water, 2 years ago and just now the ripple effect of that one act of kindness is being felt.

    I think the idea that people would show kindness as a reflection of Christ’s love for them blows them away even more than just a “random” act.

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