Big Send Off

This past weekend Janie and I along with a couple of our key Talent Team guys were in Cincinnati concluding business / doing a big send off / launch from the good folks at VCC.  It was a great time of departure and closing a chapter in our lives after so much invested in that city.  Each service was different though the questions asked of me by Dave Workman were pretty much the same.  It was evident God’s Spirit was at work and doing something unique in each gathering.  I have maintained for many years that when one is open to the leading of the Spirit (not to get weird) it will be pretty obvious that even though you as a speaker stick to the same outline he is up to something different in each case – why?  Because there are significantly different needs present – to the point that enough of the same needs to be addressed in each gathering if we hope to connect with each group.

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  1. Ed Adams Jr. on September 17, 2007 at 11:52 am

    Steve, I came to wish you well at VCC chapel. But the line was out the door. I bet when we all get to heaven there will still be a long line of folks waiting to say something to you, as you have touched directly and in-directly so many people’s hearts in Cincinnati, Ohio. I wish you & your family well. Keep playing those simple worship chords!

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