Breaking Free From Selfishness

When you scratch the surface appearance of things, selfishness is at the root of insecurity, fear, and doubt. A selfish person is usually insecure and full of doubt. Specifically, the fear is that the good idea or practice is the only one they have or will ever have, so they justify hoarding the bit they have. The selfish person often has the motto, “I’d better keep close track of this one thing. It’s probably the only one I’ll ever get.” There is no hope, no more money, no more opportunity. Just like Mr. Scrooge, they can justify their crazy way of thinking by convincing themselves they need the item or idea more than anyone else. The ironic part of the situation is that it’s as we give away the part we’ve been hoarding that we grow to greater success.

When we do outreach those, we serve sometimes ask how who covers this or that we give. I steer clear of any cliche answer about God providing, which is right of course, but they’ve heard this before. I’ve begun to say, “Oh, we want to give everything away. In fact, we hope to go bankrupt by giving everything away.” Of course, that starts a discussion about our seeming backward way of seeing reality.

When we have the confidence to boost someone else and have no expectation of repayment we change as well as the receiver. There is a connection between an internal free-flowing economy and credibility. That approach to life creates a mindset of abundance, not scarcity. When you give away your money, your funds, your insights, and confidence, all you need will flow to you.

Will go bankrupt if we give everything away? Try it and see what happens. You’ll be surprised, maybe even shocked, at the reverse economy of God as amazing supply flows into your life.

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