Friday: Tragic ending and Living in the Outflow

Sad about the tragic passing of Anna Nicole Smith. You can see my article at

The past couple of days Janie and I were able to spend time with a pastor who has been building an Outflow™ perspective into the people of his church over the past three years.   Remarkably, the group he helps lead has seen an amazing renewal happen after a long-time plateau in their church.  

Stats are grim in such cases, where a church has been plateaued or in decline for three years or more, a church is highly unlikely to reverse the trend.  I know of dozens who have broken that trend.   “Stats were made to be broken” as we often say. 

My guess is that those who put together stats in the Church world assume God’s presence will not be there when predictions are made. With that in mind, of course “the worst is yet to come…”

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