From Expert to Novice

Somehow we clearly communicated that evangelism is for the experts only (please – let’s drop the word “outreach” – it is a false, non-biblical word that is entirely confusing – it now means advertising as much as anything – I implore you – words do make a difference – the culture around us isn’t one bit afraid of the “E” word any longer! – ask any salesman)

The Effective Early 3.5 Church saw evangelism as something – maybe the only thing – anyone could do.

“Just tell what Jesus has done for you.”  That’s a rough paraphrase of what Jesus told the Gadarene demoniac.

One feasible theory is that that man was primarily responsible for the launch of the many churches, including the seven in Rev. 2 and 3, in the crescent area of the Gadarene area.  It’s tough to beat his story after all.  “I have a ‘legion’ (that’s 10,000 if taken literally) demons.  Jesus showed up.  Now I’m close to normal.  You too can change.”

That’s evangelism at its finest.

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