Go Out During Bad Weather

When inclement weather hits it is surprisingly not the time to draw back and wait for the climate to change. We have an amazing open door before us when bad weather strikes. On bad weather days those we serve actually are far more impressed by our stick-tuitiveness than when we go out to serve on good weather days.
I just got back from serving people on the north side of Philly in a spring NorEaster storm. We had planned to go out today for some time so when bad weather hit we merely stuck to our original plan. It seemed like everyone we came in contact with was more in tune with our serving because of the horrid conditions. Some actually said, “You are out in this weather? You are either really committed or you are a little crazy.” The right answer is we are both a little nuts and we are super committed.
It is exciting to run into challenging conditions. When that hits – and it will sooner or later – don’t step around it. This might well be an amazing opportunity to stand out.

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  1. Tracie on March 21, 2010 at 7:54 pm

    THanks for coming out and serving with us Steve! Also for your insight. I think that knowing the inclement weather would further reflect God’s love to people really encouraged us to keep on keeping on!

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