Great day for reflecting on God


Today is the greatest day for reflecting on God in the entire calendar.

Church people may count it at Christmas or Easter – those are indeed great days of reflection – but there is not much to actively DO on those days toward others.
There is not a call to action on those other days.

On Feb. 14th each year there is a tremendous call to action. A call to live as God lives – a call to love others.

If we all are paying even the slightest attention to what is going on in and around us we catch on that there is no love in any of us to give to anyone – ourselves included. All love is found in God alone. We are void of such things.

The discovery of this – the “Aha” moment of this – I like to call it the moment of “Bottoming Out” – is a life changing time when all can either turn on a dime the right way – toward real life – or it can turn away from real life and toward hiding.

Unfortunately the vast majority of people – especially Church people – choose the latter.

The words of “Fernando” of SNL of the late 70s come to mind: “Is better to look good than to feel good.”