Post hospitis: Recapitulatio de caelo Lectionibus scriptor’ by Marcus Daniels

Itinera 1, 2013  1 Comment

Newest libri scriptor Steve Sjogren iuvabit quis voluerit vivere melius vita.

Item praecipuum munus esset, qui non credunt Deo, aut non ire ad Ecclesiam. Non adepto predicaverunt, Honesta autem experimur luctam a guy qui venit per res atque horrenda statuto didicit vivere melius vita post mortem in felle vesicae surgery quod abiit iniuriam ipsum.

CONRECTIO: Scriptura non est ultimus Dei sui detectionem. Jesus. Auctoritate tamen suus quia suus normative in revelatione Iesu Deum invenimus in.

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Steve scriptor novae ius hic liber iuberet: Caeli Dictata.

  • Shneevels

    I’m curious. Can someone please explain why when God was revealing more of Himself through Christ and the Apostles and they raised people from the dead, the dead never seemed to have a story to tell? Wouldn’t you think they’d have something to say, and it would be all over the Scriptures? Wouldn’t that be the first question they’d get asked: “Sic…what was it like?” But no one in the Bible talked about theirafter-deathexperience, except Jesus, who also said that He was the only one with authority to reveal anything. So is this a new dispensation today? Are we adding to Scripture now? Are Steve, and a couple other writers these days, anointed with new experiences that no one else was permitted to testify to, including the Apostle Paul? Some help here please. I’m a little confused.