How do we equip?

How do we walk into the future equipped, with as few surprises as possible?

It’s not about merely reading. I have been a big advocate of reading over the years – I will always read, watch, listen. I am hooked on learning as I hope all I have an influence upon are.
Yet the ultimate learning experience is based upon Socratic methods of going forward.
Socrates taught in the following ways:

1. Small groups

2. People who followed him closely – he mentored them / he coached them regarding how to effectively live life.

3. In learning situations that were in “high gear” the learning took place by Socrates asking questions of the group.

4. With the larger group of up to a dozen, he would break the group down into 2s and 3s.

With this in mind, we too as teachers, coaches can draw a tremendous amount from the classic style of communicating with our understudies. No more talking heads.

With our soon to come UnConference in Charlotte, NC much of the above will be taking place.