Jesus is the Model

I have been overseeing a threaded online discussion with dozens of pastors from around the world.  Has been interesting as always. 

My beginning – "Jesus is our sole model for outreach / outflow / evangelism for connecting with others."  To allow any other model in that primary place is directly dishonoring to the person and words of Jesus.  

Paul provided the framework for the explanation of the fine points of the Gospel. 

The fruitless rabbit trail we often make:  To see Paul as a model for evangelism.

Paul is completely unreproducible.  Correct that – Paul is downright discouraging!.  If you choose a model to pursue who is one of the top three minds of all time, no good thing will result!   

In Jesus we find the model that shows us time and again, "God rewards those who show up, who say ‘Yes,’ who notice God and others.  Yes Martha, it can be that simple.  Sorry Barna, no statistics gathered here.  Then again, I have talked to over 40,000 people one on one in the past 15 years.

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