Lesson #3: In Humbling, There Is Restoration

Fascinate: Some Things I Learned When I Died
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Lesson #3: In Humbling, There Is Restoration
Once you’ve gone through a death process you have experienced the most extreme version of humbling. No one understands this sort of loss unless they too have gone through a death.
No one but you and God know the depth of the pain you’ve been through. Anyone who comes alongside of you and attempts to soothe you by saying, “I know what you’re going through” has any idea what they’re talking about. Such talk is utter foolishness. In my death process I’ve heard plenty of this talk from well-intentioned people. The truth? Only God can understand the deep pain of an amazing. God, and God alone, is in touch with your pain.
In the middle of such great loss God is busy doing a great work of the heart.
He says this: “I am redeeming the years the locust have eaten.” I don’t relate to a lot of locust metaphors. I have never seen a live locust. I understand that these insects eat plants down to the nub and further. They crawl down the hole in the ground and consume the root. Nothing is left when the locusts are done with their eating. Yet God says he will restore the years these devouring creatures have destroyed. Even when there is nothing left to fix…even when the loss is absolute, he says he will redeem those years of loss. That’s one of the most amazing promises in all of the Scriptures. Even when everything has been lost—when there is nothing left to restore—God says will restore you still.


  1. You are right Steve. No on can tell you how to feel or what to think about what you went through. I believe its between the person and God. I’m amazed how many people think they know what someone has gone through unless, of coarse, they have been through it themselves. I do love to watch the redemption. It lets me know God is still at work. You my friend are on the top of my list for this.

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