Let’s Find Peace In The Eye Of The Storm

Janie and I have been focused upon getting ready for the big move southward to Tampa with the Coastland launch.  For us this is not just a move, but getting our house ready to sell / lease, buying a house, finishing a house that is being built, a massive funding project that is the most complex that I have been involved with…  Do I have you feeling for me yet?…
Yet in the midst of this, Janie and I have been working overtime on not working…
– but delegating
– encouraging and thanking those who do well what we don’t do
– and praying our way forward in the midst of it all…
One big key:  As odd as it sounds – we try to watch part of a film each day together – something we have always found relaxing as a together time activity.
Plus I have been praying aloud for Janie a couple of times a day for Janie.  I love doing this – she loves receiving this.  It’s a great combo – way to approach this season.

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