Message Plans, for 2009!

I am working on plans for late 2008 to mid 2009  – writing and message plans. 

For some this seems like an incredibly long way away. 
I have about four years worth of message series that are all but finished and ready to go.  As we proceed forward with the Outflow model of church, the role of the weekly message is imperative. 
I have made more leadership mistakes than I can remember (I once approached one of my publishers about doing a book based on my top 30 mistakes – at the time they thought it was too depressing – that’s how bad my mistakes have been!).  One mistake I have not made is understanding the awesome power of strategic weekend messages. 
When introducing change, vision, it is necessary to slowly introduce that change over a series of series – not over a month but over months. 
In a previous plant when we had givers that were not all that well-heeled on the average, I was heading toward raising close to $1 million in six weeks.  Before introducing this idea to the Board or staff, I began to unleash my first series of messages on the weekend attendees.   We spent four series getting them ready to let loose of their resources like never before.  In the end they gave around $900,000 in cash.  It was an amazing feat – in part due to strategic preaching – WITH the profound presence of God’s Spirit in our midst.  Any of us who are communicators can preach our best message ever but without Jesus’ presence no life will change a single degree. 
Or, we can get up and simply weep for ten minutes, not say an intelligible word as a friend of mine did one week… and discover that close to every life present was forever changed…