Now I’m a Veteran Commencement Speaker

I had a blast speaking last Saturday at the graduation ceremony of Spring Arbor University located an hour west of Detroit. The whole thing went very well. I spoke for 14.5 minutes about several things I should have learned in college but had to figure out on my own later (“A lot of the best stuff happens on the second, third or beyond iteration – I’ve purchased the White Album by the Beatles 5 times now – LP twice, cassette, CD and now iTunes.)

Though it went well i had a problem. Janie wasn’t able to be with me (her dad has been sick with severe heart problems so she has been in Southern Calif. for the past week) and since one of her jobs is to sit on the front row and watch my time I was at a loss. I had to innovate. In one hand I had my iPad with my speaking notes and in my other I held my iphone with the countdown app open. A couple of people asked if all of that was a portable TelePrompTer!


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