Open conversations or closed ones

You are doing an outreach. You approach with bottles of water. You walk up to folks and stutteringly mutter, “Um Ma’am, would you like a bottle of water today? We are showing Gods’s love in a practical way…” That approach may sound okay but I can assure you that most people will reject the offer. Why? Because you have made it a choice (not to mention you have taken a lot of their time!)
A better way to connect is to eliminate the yes-no option completely. Say, “Here’s a bottle of water. We are showing a little bit of God’s love!” (Along with the water I hand them an outreach card.) I am rarely turned down when I get rid of the yes-no option.
This holds true with other connecting areas of life. When starting a group don’t say “Would you like to be a part of my group?” Many will turn you down when you give them an option. Instead say, “We’re starting up. Join us!” People are hungry to be led. They need to be needed. Lead them with love and enthusiasm.

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