Outreach myths

There is negative thinking that influences us regarding outreach.
We can self-justify a serving-only approach to evangelism that bypasses vocalizing the Gospel with thoughts such as:
“there are so many hypocrites circulating who talk too much…I’m just bringing balance”
“I’m not really enough of an extrovert to speak up in a meaningful way…”
“we have others on the team who will take care of the talking…”

These are all myths. That is, they are all partly true and partially false. There really are hypocrites who talk too much. Many of us really are introverts. There really are others on our teams who can do a better job at verbalizing the Gospel. All of that isn’t the point though. We simply need to be available to be used by God to speak up when the door opens before us. That happens regularly as we reach out with God’s love in practical ways.

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