Please Forgive Us…

Drumroll please. Here’s a ‘Tah-Dah’ that might actually open a peeper or two. If you have been asleep, ask someone to wake you by whatever means necessary – (yes, there is now and then a good reason to sign the ‘Whatever It Takes’ waiver – for times just like today.)

RISE AND SHINE BUEHLER! (high voltage cattle prod, stun device of your favorite accessory color, or a flick on the ear ala Mr. Schmidt your 10th grade earth science teacher).

Before – we – can – convey – a – bit – of – information – regarding – God’s – kingdom – we must – begin – to – regain – credibility – with – not – yet – believers.

We – must – make – amends – for – the – Bozo – shenanigans – the – Church – has – done – to – people – REAL – OR – IMAGINED – even – though – we – likely – disagreed – with – said – matters.

There is much more to explain than this opening thought. But make no mistake. We are in the middle of the Church age that requires us to seek forgiveness with nearly all we connect with before any hope of credibility is established.

Chew on this. Stay tuned kids. There’s more!

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