Selling our house…

We are in high speed now and in need of selling our West Chester (near Cincinnati) house. Not only selling the place, but closing on it muy pronto. We were told once about a month ago that a couple were purchasing it and not to show it to anyone else. Proverbs says about Eleventy-seven times not to plan on things happening until they happen because God is the one who controls all the plans – even though it is wise to make plans.

Janie told me she didn’t think we would sell the house to the first ones we showed the place to – that isn’t the way God does things… I told her, “Uh, yeah but maybe we’re just catching a break on this one…”

“Yeah, that’s what you always say big guy.”

When I thought about it, that IS what I always say.

Man I hate it when Janie is right – which is approximately always.