Sjogren’s Top Tens — Starbucks Beverages

Starbucks Top Ten DrinksStarbucks is my second office. I am at one of the Cincinnati locations at least once a day meeting people. I find that the atmosphere created over some form of caffeine is great for conversation. Since I am ADD, drinking coffee for me is literally doctor’s orders!

Here is a list of my favorite drinks at Starbucks. Maybe they will stimulate your imagination a bit on your next visit there.

Thanks to my daughter Laura for the help with drinks. She is a Starbucks aficionado.

The “Body for Life Solution”
Soy Latte with Sugar Free Vanilla
–if you are on the Body for Life program.

The “Frozen Pick Me Up”
Coffee Frappochino with extra shots of espresso

The “Healthy Contradiction”
Soy Mocha

The “Pick Me Up”
9 shots of espresso; 10 sugars; venti Americano base (espresso and water) with room for cream

The “Contradiction”
Venti extra mocha, extra whip cream, skim mocha

The “Adkins Latte”
Venti single shot latte made with steamed shipping cream with whipped cream on top.

The “Hippie Favorite”
Grande soy, sugar free vanilla, extra hot chai latte in a mug for her – no paper wasted today!

The “Children’s ADD Therapy Drink”
Grande extra brownie, extra vanilla syrup, extra whip, vanilla crème Frapuccinno (no coffee)

The “Put Me to Sleep”
Grande 140 degree vanilla steamer (just syrup and milk)

The “New Yorker”
Venti traditional and 3 shots of espresso… flipping the bird upon receiving of drink is optional 😉

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