Sunflower seeds and Peggy’s loss

Today I went out with a serving team to give away free flower seeds near our church in Oregon. One lady I ran into was a little skeptical – she wouldn’t open her door. She rather reluctantly received some sunflower seeds, but she shut her screen door after taking the seeds. Of all the people I encountered today she was the only one I felt led to pray for. I asked, “Is there anything I could support you in prayer for?” She said, “Well, I have lost my two sons in the past three weeks.” Wow. How do you recover from a statement like that. I offered to pray for her for just “ten seconds.” She thought that sounded nice. She spontaneously placed her hand up on the screen, palm stretched out to me. I kept my prayer to ten seconds. I prayed for God’s mercy to come near to my new friend, Peggy. I then blessed her house with the peace of God, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. She welled up with tears. It was a moment.

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