Teachable Attitude = Forward Progress

Yesterday I was invited to speak at a local church that is in its early stages called Victory Community Church.  It does not have a website yet.  The primary leader, Sammy Ortiz, is a great guy – very teachable, very much a lifelong learner type.
There was a great spirit there.  They have been at it for two years.  They are a part of a planting group that is headed by a good friend of mine, Rice Broocks.  Rice has spoken at a number of events where I too have spoken.
I suspect great things lie ahead for VCC – mostly because they are so teachable and hungry to reach out to the city around them.  There is a huge connection between a teachable attitude and forward progress in the flow of God’s Spirit.  It is when people stop asking for help / stop asking questions that rigor mortis sets in – whether a “body” realizes they are dead or not.

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  1. todd on October 8, 2007 at 3:52 pm

    “Stop asking for help”….what an amazing thought and one that makes me uncomfortable as well, though I know the tendency to be like this resides in me as well….

    in one of Luther’s last writings, he was quoted as saying, “We are all beggars.” some may chafe to such a statement, but in light of our great need and tendency to dig our heels in…..I’d say he was hitting the nail on the head….

    good news is, God is very generous and benevolent beyond words….so I’ll continue to pray….”help me to learn…I need help!”


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