The quickening

The Scriptures use the word Quickening to refer to the living presence of the Holy Spirit in Believers – and the Apostles Creed (“he shall come to judge the Quick and the dead.”) To be Quickened is to be enlivened with the touch of the Spirit. This is exciting. We can actually walk through in a living sense of the presence of God. True, sometimes we feel little or none of the Spirit upon us, at least that’s true for me. At other times there is a strong sense of the Spirit on us (tactile response). The question to is this: Are you willing to allow God to make you aware of his quickening today? If you are he will re-ignite the quickening in short order.

You are quickened whether you feel anything today or not. He wants you to know his likes and dislikes, not mentally only but through a vital, dynamic connection with his Spirit. He has assignments for you to accomplish today that require your quickening. Walk in his quickened presence and go change everything.

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