The State of… Evangelism (Part 4)

Disconnect Between Pastors and Evangelists

The matter of evangelists connecting with the local church was raised – with great emotion. 

I consider myself to be something of an oddball, frankly.  Clearly I am a pastor, church launcher, a coach of church launchers and perhaps above all one who stirs up evangelism.  Thus I understood the frustration dynamic these highly passionate people feel that exists between their role in the big "C" Church and the local church that is nearly always led by maintenance minded people.  (Not one bit of a criticism intended in that statement – a simple long-term observation…  When the flywheel of a system is created – buildings, budgets that feed salaries that families depend upon… there is a huge emotional dynamic involved that pushes against much of what people generally consider the spontaneous ‘move of God’s Spirit.’) 

Couple of observations from these fresh discussions: 

1.  These renowned evangelists have a huge heart to work with the local church

2.  Almost no local churches can handle the presence of a dynamic, highly gifted evangelist unless such a person when present is on ‘vacation mode’ and not stirring the locals up… to do the latter is to cause nearly all pastors great consternation and suspicion, or ‘Okay, what is up here – is this person trying to start a church?’  In reality, an evangelist would be utterly frustrated if they were to end up leading a church – especially a church made up of long-term believers… such people are highly unlikely to ever become suddenly outwardly focused after long-term inwardness.

3.  Part of the ministry call to serving as an evangelist is a willingness to be misunderstood by the local church

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