Toilet Cleaning Considerations

I just came back with teams doing a restroom cleaning outreach. I seem to have some sort of touch with this outreach – in other words, I am rarely turned away when I approach business owners/managers. (I don’t ask permission – I simply say, “Hi! We’re here to clean your toilets for free – no strings attached…” It’s difficult to turn that deal down.)
One of our teams was turned away by a number of the businesses they approached. They were disappointed – not surprisingly. I am more philosophical about such things. I believe we make quite an impact with the offer to clean a toilet, whether we actually clean the toilet or not. Those we approach to serve are profoundly touched regardless of the actual serving that goes on – or not. We give storeowners and managers a lot to think about when we walk into their presence with His presence and offer to serve them in a menial way. It’s not every day that someone comes to you with such an offer. I believe we stun them toward God no matter what their outward response may appear.

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  1. Dennis Moore on September 1, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    Love it! I’ve learned so much since I started following you, Steve! Thanks!!

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