UnConference scheduled for North Carolina in June!

Steve SjogrenIf I were any more thrilled about the “Un Conference," I would have to be twins! For more details about the North Carolina event, and to sign up, you can go to the online "brochure."

We are combining the latest in cutting edge technology with a high “hands on” touch while sharing with you the latest in what we are learning in the Outflow-Servant evangelism culture.  Books are great, DVD sets are great, but training events such as these are the fastest way to convey to participants the most up-to-date discoveries we are making about how to most effectively convey to our ever-evolving culture the never-evolving message of the love of Jesus.   
What you will learn in "Walking in the Outflow" is both eternal truth from God’s word along with great ways we are learning to connect with our increasingly skeptical culture that has a “prove it to me” chip on its shoulder.  Fortunately, when we serve them, when we love them, when we show them the generosity of Jesus in ever increasingly profound ways, we bypass their minds in the same way Jesus did and speak straight to their hearts.  And just as with Jesus, we then answer their questions.  
This is simple stuff, but make no mistake – it is not simplistic.  It breaks my heart to hear of churches that start off on the wrong foot because they underestimate the need for training with the Outflow model.  Basic training is essential.  With the UnConference we have boiled down the basics into something that is not only filled with great information, it is highly engaging, it is led by long-term veterans who have done this for years and, go figure, it is fun!  
See you there!* 

Steve Sjogren 
UnConference Leader

*I will be present at the UnConference events through the "magic" of that ever-valuable tool, the Internet.