Weakness In Our Plan

We have discovered that along the way of launching here we have been under-prepared for all that is needed in terms of some of the essentials of life:

– prayer support for Sjogren’s

– financial support for Sjogren’s

– plans for regular contact with old friends of the Sjogren’s

We have run through an enormous amount of our personal remaining reserves in the time we have been in FL already. 

People have told me they are convinced Janie and I are wealthy – how in the world they got the idea, I don’t know.  That kind of conclusion is tantamount to thinking the worst about someone sometimes. 

This was all planned out carefully of course.  But than again, it only takes a couple of fickle promised givers who end up bailing on commitments. 

Such is life in the three-ring circus called the U.S. Church. 

The net-net is we need to begin to raise funding for ourselves just after Christmas.  If you are a praying person – appreciate your thoughts in this direction.

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