When is it time to fight?

Yes, there is a time to fight, even when you are in the kingdom of God. There is a time to stand up for what is right. That’s not the same as standing up for your rights.

We can get the false idea that it’s never okay to fight – that no good ever comes of exerting one’s will when conflict flares up. I don’t agree. Even when we are walking in the Spirit conflict sometimes comes about. There are plenty of examples of this in the Scriptures.

Sometimes when others are intractable, and you are convinced of the rightness of your cause, the only option may be conflict. But how do we proceed when this is the case?

Smile. Determine to have a good attitude regardless of the reactions of others. When conflict arises sometimes we are merely stopping the bullying of others, even in church settings. Count on it, when you put your foot down you will get negative reactions. Smile just the same.

Relax. If you didn’t cause the conflict be philosophical about it. Realize you are not causing this. You are in the midst of a complex situation – not by your choosing.

Flow. Don’t let others get your goat, but at the same time it’s wise to not resist their blows. Ironically, sometimes it’s best to not resist the direction of life. Jump into the river. God will show up.

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