Why are these actors no longer cast in movies?

Have you been on the hunt for info online and then, found it or not, a popup article catches your eye? The one I stumbled across claimed to know why certain actors aren’t in the acting business any longer.

They listed a dozen or so players—most of whom I’ve seen in years gone by, but seem to be out of sight now. Maybe they were right—something happened to put a dent in their careers.

Most of them did something stupid that wasn’t connected with an acting part—“extracurricular” activities got to them. After they had done it, sadly they tried to give feeble excuses for their actions. None of those listed were willing to be transparent and own their stuff.

There’s a lesson there for us as leaders. Just by being a leader of any sort, a leader of any sized influence, you will never be out of the limelight again. Read the last part of that sentence again—“You will never be out of the limelight again.”

Another way to put it is, “You will never get away with anything again.” The technology of our age will see to it that that will never happen.

Unavoidable truth, yet take it to heart. When it comes time to step into something dumb, think twice—then think twice again. Then do it a third time. That’s a lot of thinking twice, but in most cases, that’s a word of wisdom.

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