You Can’t Beat This Price

My team and I have been working in high creativity mode of late. We have been on task with a big goal: how can we help more people get in touch with important coaching they need… but sometimes feel they can’t afford. Then it hit us – we will practically just GIVE COACHING OPPORTUNITIES AWAY! Go figure we figured – if people can just get a taste of the coaching we have to offer the rest will be history.

So we have done it. We have lowered the price point of our coaching to – hello – just $1.00 for your first two weeks on ServeCoach.

Try ServeCoach out on your own. Put your dollar in the ride and give it a whirl. I believe you will love it!

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  1. Dennis Preston on August 11, 2009 at 7:07 pm

    Hi Steve, I believe this is a great idea. In fact, a God idea. A friend of mine has been trying to get me to join him in a coaching gig as a businesss, and to bring others on in a multi-level kind of way. To help others with business motivation, success motivation, fathering, mothering, goal setting, etc. As we’ve talked about it, the key thing (to me) to making this work is follow-up & accountability. How many seminars/books/etc have we been to/read that afterwards, no change takes place? We came up with the idea of having a weekly meeting to invite people to. Most of the people that I know that need this coaching cannot really afford it. His comment to me was that if something urgent & important came up, say a medical emergency, folks would find the money to do it. I agree, in the short-term, but that is not a sustainable way to do life over the long-term, in that kind of urgency mindset. My thought – okay, I really believe it was God’s thought as I’m just not that creative – was to give the weekly meeting away for free, allow people to come every week if they wanted to, share with them on goal setting, motivation, etc every week, but not give them the hard sell. Just keep giving it to them for free. Eventually, I believe they’ll see the value and want in. I say this because in the hype of the self-development world, somewhere always, there is a hook that pulls people in. And this guy that I’m looking to work with is genuinely interested in helping people – he is sincere, without a doubt. But in the self-development world, there’s still the hook of the $. With the “hook” out, my hope is that people will “hook” themselves.

    Love the idea!

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