A Personal Family Update


Janie has gone through some very challenging physical issues lately. Initially, we were told this was nothing to be concerned about. As the situation progressed the doctor’s advice didn’t add up. What started out as a potential need for a hysterectomy and “a tumor that we didn’t need to concern ourselves about” seemed to require more immediate attention than it was getting. We switched doctors midstream and, just as importantly, hospitals. We went to a larger hospital that has much greater bench depth.

The new OB-GYN informed us that this situation was actually serious – and scheduled surgery for the next day. I rushed home from the west coast – arrived early in the morning from a red eye flight. Janie had surgery later that morning. This was a week ago last Friday.

It seemed clear Janie had cancer and that it had spread to her lymph nodes. The surgeon’s report was good. However, after waiting for some days we just found out that she is cancer-free now. Therefore there is no need for radiation or chemo. This is fantastic news.

However, there are some complications from the surgery. Her gastrointestinal plumbing has not been working properly and the absence of lymph nodes is causing problems. In the midst of all of this I had some respiratory problems. Janie was home a few days but is back in the hospital to address these problems. I have been by her bedside the last couple of days.

We thank all of you who have prayed, and ask that you continue. We remain confident in God’s guidance and healing.

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