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Reaching Millennials (2 of 5)

2. Outward Focus on Loving the City Millennials are not just open to being outward toward the world around them; they are also open to...
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Are You Really Outwardly Focused?

Have you noticed that the U.S. Church tends to go through trends every now and then? Books are written, conferences are held, programs come...

Reaching Millennials (1 of 5)

There is no magic to reaching the Millennial generation. On the other hand, if we hope to get them, we simply need to do...
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Reaching Out in the Fall

Sometimes I’m asked, “What do you do for outreach when the weather doesn’t cooperate?” It’s not that difficult but it requires a little bit...
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Reaching Out with Waffles?

It’s amazing how transferable kindness outreach is. To reach out with God’s love in a practical way - to bring the Good News to...
Burning Man

7.5 Lessons I Learned About Outreach At Burning Man

The famous Burning Man Festival is happening right now in the desert north of Reno right now. About 50,000 people from all over the world...
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God’s Kinetic Presence

God's Kinetic Presence I was taught in a ninth-grade physics class that power exists in two states - it can be either kinetic or potential....

New Shoes or Shoe Aficionado?

We live in a rocky, thorn-infested world. Some wouldn't know about that because they have worn shoes from the moment they could stand. Since birth,...
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Serve AND Speak Words

I regularly hear the phrase, “Let’s show God’s love and if necessary we’ll use words.” I’m not sure if I have especially tuned my...

The Power of the Kindness of God

I read Romans chapter 2 for years before the light went on with an important verse one day – 2:4b. “The kindness of God...

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