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The State of… Evangelism (Part 4)

Disconnect Between Pastors and Evangelists The matter of evangelists connecting with the local church was raised - with great emotion. I consider myself to be...
bird on wire

The State of… Evangelism (Part 3)

Disconnect Between Pastors and Evangelism One of the big questions discussed: "Why is evangelism less prominent now than any time in the past several generations in...
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The State of… Evangelism (Part 2)

Whose People Are We Anyway? Gifted evangelists absolutely blow pastors out of the water with their gifting and charisma.  Thus, they scare pastors.  Pastors don't...
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Outreach in the Age of CV-19

Outreach In The Age of CV-19  This may be a time of world crisis, yet for those who have “ears to hear,” we have reason...

#9 and #10- Being a Blessing

#9- Spring seeds for flowers and veggies. If you purchase these in bulk you can get them for cheap! We recently purchased 500 seeds...
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#8-$1 Carwash in Reverse

 $1 Carwash in Reverse Professional looking, clear signs are a key part of steering traffic into your outreach carwash. “$1 Carwash!” To spice things up...
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#6 and #7- Practical and Simple

#6-Return garbage cans from the curb. Maybe your street requires you to take the containers to the curb. Get up before others and scoot...

From Message First To Serving First

In every major city in the world today, it is no longer possible to approach an emotionally healthy stranger and engage him/her in conversation...
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94 Servant Evangelism Ideas for Your Church

Servant Evangelism (SE) connects people to people in a natural, easy, low- risk, high grace way. Who doesn't like to be given a cold...
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Practical Planning- Part 2

Start by taking a close look at your community. If this is the beginning place for you, take a careful look at your community. What's...

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