Confession Time


Was on TBN last week on Tuesday PM on a nationwide broadcast that ran from 10:00 PM till midnight, EST and all other simultaneous times across the country.  Topic:  Near Death Experiences.  Was one of the better interviews I’ve done.

I received a report the viewing numbers were unusually high for that night’s show so that is good news.

Christian TV

Confession time:  I have made a few jokes over the years about Christian TV in general, but in the days leading up to this event, God dealt with my heart in a significant way.  Was reminded specifically of a friend who was a bigwig in the Krishna movement some time ago – ended up becoming a close friend of Janie’s and mine.  He was literally at the top of the organization when it was at its peak before Prabhupada died.  He was secretly watching TBN – especially a fire and brimstone preacher – forgot his name.  God was speaking to our friend big time.  He left the organization, got a job in PR (not difficult to do that – he had several Master’s degrees from Columbia – super bright guy – who now goes by his real name – Ed).

One day as he was driving down the I-10 in L.A. listening to Dylan’s Precious Angel (from the Slow Train album) he said God simply filled his car with his presence.  He couldn’t stop weeping over his awareness of both his sinfulness and the fact that Jesus’ blood had covered that.  He cried out for mercy.  His weeping was so profuse he pulled over on the freeway.  A California Highway Patrolman stopped to see if he was okay.  He got it together eventually and drove on – a new person in Jesus.  But the TV element played a big role in his Jesus story.  No one would have argued him an inch forward.  Many had tried.  But an old dude using King James English broke through by God’s Spirit.  It’s always the same in the end.  Only God can lead a person to himself.  But he certainly uses people who are available.

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