Kindness Explosions

A “Kindness Explosion” is a unified effort among churches in a particular city to bring God’s Kindness in practical ways to many people. Our team is dedicated to helping without asking for any compensation. If the impact of the “Kindness Explosion’ is fruitful, we are asking churches to pay it forward to the next city that we coach. We believe this approach is consistent with the spirit of our movement which is to bring God’s Kindness with “no strings attached”.

Where are the Kindness Explosions?

We are spending time, energy and money coaching “Kindness Explosions” in the following cities. The target dates for these “explosions” are in 2019, generally 12-18 months from the start of the engagement.

San Jose, CA
Santa Cruz, CA
Raleigh-Durham, NC
Indianapolis, IN

Who to contact about Kindness Explosions?

Do you want to activate “outward focus” in your church and in your city? Do you already have a number of churches praying together but not sure about the next steps for actually reaching your city? Do you want to sow “Kingdom Seeds” that bear fruit with time? We can help. More Kindness Explosion information.