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Servant Evangelism is a tested, effective missional practice for Leaders and Believers and we hope it will become the Rhythm of your Church. It’s no surprise that we live in an increasingly challenging cultural environment toward sharing Jesus with the world around us. Many are jaded if not hostile toward Christians. We are inviting you to join us in this epic spiritual battle leveraging the Kindness of God to melt hearts with His unconditional love.

We’re going to discuss what we’ve learned over the past 25 years of global experience and provide numerous new practical tips and powerful Biblical insights. Additionally, we have some new friends joining Steve Sjogren who will add extra passion, insight and wisdom to our experience together: Jeff Christopherson and Andy McQuitty. (biography info below)


The Servant Evangelism Summit is a couple days of “TED Talk” style presentations, discussions and activity oriented, action learning experiences designed to train, equip and empower Church Planters, Pastors, and Outreach Leaders to impact their community for the Kingdom of God through intentional, practical acts of kindness.

These of some of our intended Outcomes:

Imagine… having fun and laughing with some new like-minded friends for a few days

Imagine… feeling hopeful and encouraged about evangelism in your city/church

Imagine… learning a few new concepts/ideas/tips that you can put into action next week

Imagine… discovering a “secret ingredient” for spiritual growth/discipleship


Thursday, High Noon Start with a Box Lunch Discussion kicked off by Steve Sjogren

Thursday Afternoon: Jeff and Steve discuss evangelism leadership, church planting and each of their personal journeys into serving with God’s Kindness.

Thursday Evening: Hang out for some fun together with a true Texas feel.

Friday: A day full of Discussion Starter Talks, Round Table Discussions, Practical Workshops and Doing Outreach. (Some Workshop Details in Below: Full of Encouragement and Practical Tips from Steve Bowen, Austin Cooper, Jeff Hoglen, Wilson Cochrane and others)

  • What’s a Kindness Explosion?

  • African American Churches & Servant Evangelism

  • Theology of God’s Kindness and Servant Evangelism

  • Holy Spirit’s Power & Servant Evangelism

  • Church Planting & Servant Evangelism

  • 10 Second Prayer & Servant Evangelism

  • What’s the Evangelism Behaviors Scale

Friday Evening: Open

Saturday (Optional Kindness Explosion Experience)

This Summit is a two-part experience for those who have the additional time to invest on Saturday, September 22. The Saturday experience includes a “Kindness Explosion” for the city of Weatherford, TX. A “Kindness Explosion” is a multi-church, multi-project outreach bringing God’s love in practical ways. Come to join the fun, make a difference and experience first hand what can happen in your city! We’ll gather at 8:30 am for hands-on preparation planning, prayer and encouraging before launching out for a few hours.

STEVE SJOGREN pioneered the modern serving/outward-focused church movement more thatn 30 years ago when he planted a church in Cincinnati that eventually grew. In the book, “The Ten Most Influential Churches of the Past Century” by Dr. Elmer Towns, he names The Cincinnati Vineyard church, launched by Steve, was listed as the 15th most influential of the past century. He comments, “Servant Evangelism has opened the thoughts and plans of the church worldwide with the combination of showing kindness and serving that makes a church (and life) more attractive to outsiders and helps them arrive at a new definition of the Church – one that will draw them to church and into relationship with Jesus.” Steve has been nicknamed, “The Godfather of Servant Evangelism.”

JEFF CHRISTOPHERSON is about fostering Kingdom movements of reproducing churches that transform neighborhoods and the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jeff leads Send Network, the SBC’s church planting arm. He is the author of Kingdom Matrix: Designing a Church for the Kingdom of God, and Kingdom First: Starting Churches that Shape Movements. He and his wife, Laura, live in Milton, Georgia. They have two married children, Kelley and James.

ANDY MCQUITTY believes that it’s getting harder to be a Christian in our post-Christian culture. As a pastor of Irving Bible Church in Texas, Andy is seeing the church wake from a “Christian Pax Americana” to an era of intensified hostility. Andy’s new book, The Way to Brave helps readers face the giants looming over us today, such as secularism and relativism. Bent on banishing Christian influence from public life, their power is shocking, their reach expansive, and their deployment quick. But still, they are no match for our God. Andy knows the impact of God’s Kindness through his personal and professional life as a pastor of a growing, life-giving church.

HOTEL INFORMATION: Weatherford, TX (More details forthcoming)

Fairfield Inn and Suites $130, Group Rate 10 rooms $114

Holiday Inn $124.99 a night, Group rate 10 rooms $104.99 + tax

Super 8 $75 a night, Group rate 10 rooms $60+tax

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First 100 students– college or seminary

First 50 church planters- prelaunch or 1st year

Steve has spoken, mentored and modeled to churches and leaders around the world with the simple message that anyone – regardless of their gifting or experience – can be involved in bringing God’s loving kindness to others. His first book, Conspiracy of Kindness has been translated into several languages with more in the works. His first book has sold over 300,000 copies. Altogether his books have sold over 500,000 copies.


  1. Steve, As an advocate of servant evangelism I have taken this voice to my secular workplace with great results. I work for Hy-Vee – an organization that values customer service (which is simply a secular expression of SE).
    I’ve been promoted to an ‘ambassador of friendliness’ and have found great favor with my employer!

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