Simple, Practical and Actionable!

Is the “battery” of outreach dead or barely holding a charge at your church? Are you about to give up?

  • Get your people in gear regarding outreach
  • Create momentum and growth in your church
  • Connect with Millennials

Who will benefit from these Programs?

  • Church Planters

    Most churches/church plants fail for a variety of reasons, but far and above the most common reason is because they have not connected with enough people who could potentially join their church. Servant evangelism is a simple and effective approach to connecting with a large percentage of your community in a variety of ways that suit those around you.

  • Pastors

    The majority of pastors in the United States indicate that they are frustrated with the current state of their church. The word “stuck” describes both them and their churches. As we do Servant Evangelism we are going to grow beyond that and into momentum.

  • Outreach Leaders/Associate Pastors

    It’s common among leaders and even associate pastors to diminish the present state and what the future looks like with their congregation. With that it is easy to criticize the senior pastor unnecessarily. When we define our leadership by our willingness to serve and show generosity we build a better and stronger team overall.

  • Denominational Coaches

    A denominational coach is often called upon to “fix” the situations that a local church and local leaders don’t know how to wisely get out of. There are a variety of nearly automatic momentum builders that can easily be applied to any denominational coach and in any situation as they reach out with Servant Evangelism.

steve_sjogren2Steve Sjogren

Steve is the author of Conspiracy of Kindness and is known as the “Godfather of Servant Evangelism.” He was the Founder and Senior Pastor of Vineyard Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, considered by Elmer Towns as one of the most influential churches in America.

Free Preview

Take a Test Drive!

  • A one-hour conversational training session with Steve Sjogren
  • Wednesday, August 31, 2016
    2:00-3:00 pm ET
    – or –
    Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016
    2:00-3:00 pm ET
  • Free


This Program will help you:

  • Understand Servant Evangelism as a simple entry point to spiritual conversations
  • Discover a simply brilliant approach to praying for people on the street
  • Learn the top two ways to motivate people to participate in outreach
  • Transform the cultural atmosphere of your church and your community


  • Preview information for Jumpstart Outreach Part 1
  • Top five most effective ideas
  • Five biggest outreach mistakes

David leaping canyonJumpstart Outreach Part 1

Biblical and theoretical foundation for Servant Evangelism

  • Four one-hour online conversational training sessions with Steve Sjogren
  • Sept. 15, 22, 29, and Oct. 6, 2016
  • All sessions 2:00-3:00 pm ET
  • $49.95


This Program will help you:

  • Understand foundational concepts that you can lead and teach
  • Create outreach momentum in your church
  • Launch an outreach initiative with strength
  • Motivate people to reach out
  • Redefine your beliefs and expectations about outreach


  • Practical tips
  • Top 20 best outreaches in 20 years
  • Top 20 best new outreach ideas for 2016
  • Worst outreach event ever
  • Biggest outreach mistakes
  • Biblical and theoretical basis for Servant Evangelism
  • Private Learning Community where you can pick the brains of experienced leaders
  • Q & A Labs: An opportunity to connect with us in LIVE sessions and ask us anything… within reason

Jumpstart Outreach Part 2

Training and coaching with experienced coaches

  • Four one-hour conversational training sessions with Steve Sjogren and others
  • Four 30-minute group coaching sessions with experienced outreach leaders
  • Training Session Dates TBD
  • Group Coaching times TBD
  • $79.95

Coming Soon!

This Program will help you:

  • Move forward expectantly
  • Create a “doable” 6-month outreach plan
  • Determine the best outreach ideas for your people in your community
  • Create a budget
  • Create an outreach core team
  • Create a leadership development plan
  • Write out what success looks like after 6 months