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My Favorite Mistakes of 2016

As each year ends, I like to look back at both my successes and misses. Both of them help me to adjust my trajectory...

Jesus is the Model

I have been overseeing a threaded online discussion with dozens of pastors from around the world.  Has been interesting as always. My beginning - "Jesus...


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Trader Joe’s Employees – My Kind of People

A friend and I attended a pastor’s conference awhile back. It was a pretty relaxed group; some might say too relaxed! At the end,...
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Mega-Churches or Medium-sized Churches…?

Someone sent me a tweet recently I’ve been thinking about. He asked about mega-churches and if many of the people they attract simply come...
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Why Kindness?

I was asked to write two book forwards this week.  This is something I have done for a number of writers – more in...

Was Osama Bin Laden Saved?

The cover of Time magazine recently featured Pastor Rob Bell and his controversial new book that hones in on the weighty issue of eternity....
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Lesson #6: “Big God!”…Your Perspective on Him Will Change.

#6: “Big God!”…Your Perspective on Him Will Change. When death has come your way, your image of God will be altered. It has to. The...
Burning Man

7.5 Lessons I Learned About Outreach At Burning Man

The famous Burning Man Festival is happening right now in the desert north of Reno right now. About 50,000 people from all over the world...
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Lesson #10: Turtles Last Longer Than Rabbits

#10: Turtles Last Longer Than Rabbits You’ve heard Aesop’s story about the tortoise and the hare. In this classic tale, the hare takes off quickly...
Ted Haggard

Should Ted Haggard Have Been Forgiven Earlier?

By now you’ve probably seen the Oprah interview with Ted Haggard and his wife Em. If you haven’t seen it yet you can catch...
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How to Release Love at Your Church

As you make loving others the priority of your church’s life all other goals that are important and biblical, tend to fall into place...


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Toilet Cleaning Considerations

I just came back with teams doing a restroom cleaning outreach. I seem to have some sort of touch with this outreach – in...
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Extending Your Half-Life In The Community

The term Half-life refers to how long something continues to have an influence on a system. For example, how long does a medication remain...
Farmers Market

Spread Out Your Outreach Attempts

I have always liked fishing. Since I was a little kid I have enjoyed getting out on the water and going after fish –...


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Are You Having Fun?

If you are Scandinavian (your name has a “dahl” or “gren” or “sen” in it)...
ready fire aim

Ready, FIRE!, Aim

Are you reticent, or ready for action today? Most of the time we talk ourselves...

The Quickening

The Scriptures use the word Quickening to refer to the living presence of the Holy...

Making Deals with God

Sometimes it’s a good idea to negotiate with God. When she was seeking to know...

The Difference Between a Good Idea and a God Idea

Good Idea Stressed out Serious-minded Comes as a result of brainstorming and hard work Comes from many efforts Feel accomplished...


ferris wheel

Are You Having Fun?

If you are Scandinavian (your name has a “dahl” or “gren” or “sen” in it) you may be a little impaired in the fun...
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Focus on the Future


The Quickening


Making Deals with God


Steve Jobs

Hats Off to Steve Jobs

By now you’ve heard of the passing of Apple’s Steve Job. He was touched with the fire of God. I thank God for his life. He...

Make Kindness Great Again (Clean the Toilets Tour)

You say you've never seen a 16' tall inflated toilet?  Me neither... Why? Let’s face it — the world is in desperate need of the healing...
ferris wheel

Are You Having Fun?

If you are Scandinavian (your name has a “dahl” or “gren” or “sen” in it) you may be a little impaired in the fun...
city plaza night

Focus on the Future

Did you know that Apple stock purchased in 1997 has gone up 9000% to today’s market? I came close to investing heavily in Apple...